9 questions to ask when hiring a wedding band

I recently had the chance to sit down with David Fraser from DCF Wedding Music. We chatted about wedding entertainment and he gave me some great insight into hiring a band or DJ. David has been a full-time entertainer for nearly a decade and has been performing at weddings for most of that time.

Wedding entertainment isn’t something I know a lot about, but can be one of the most important parts of the day (second, of course, only to the “I do’s”). So I’ve put together a short list of questions I think you should ask when you’re interviewing wedding entertainers.

The video is a long one, but it’s packed with more important information you’ll want to consider, so be sure to watch the whole thing. I hope you learn as much as I did!


Can we sit down and talk?

David says couples usually follow their first question, “Are you available,” with, “What are your packages?” But first, David likes to sit down with couples to assess their needs. He says he usually ends up tailoring a package towards the couple, because everyone is different.


What makes you different from other entertainers?

This is the question David wishes more couples would ask. Beyond sound, how does your entertainer and his or her personality compare to the competition?


Do you have any tricks to get my family and friends on the dance floor?

As a photographer, there is nothing worse than an empty dance floor. It is important that your entertainer is charismatic and can motivate a little boogie out of your guests. David has a few ways to get all the guests up and moving, and you should ask your band or DJ to share a couple of their tricks. Be sure they’re methods you’re comfortable with as well.


Does our package include a custom song?

How cool is this? But not every package will include a custom song. Be sure to ask your entertainer if your package does.


Do we get to pick the songs we like? And can we give you a list of songs we don’t like?

This is a great way to learn how flexible your entertainer is. Don’t expect to write a list of 100 songs to be played at your wedding, but being able to contribute a few songs you absolutely love will help your band or DJ get an idea of your personalities and taste.


What kind of variety do you have in your repertoire?

You want your entertainer to play music you love, but you also want your family and friends to be entertained. If there are a variety of personalities and ages attending your wedding, be sure that your band or DJ is open to playing a variety of songs to appeal to everyone in attendance. David suggests that your band can play something a little more accessible to your parents and grandparents at the beginning of the night and transition into the more modern songs as the night progresses.


What if you don’t show up?

David guarantees that he will show up dressed for a wedding. While I fully expect each performer to answer this question with, “I will show up,” your band or DJ should have a direct answer to this question. Do they refund the deposit? Do they find someone to fill in?


Do you drink at weddings?

David has a zero tolerance drug or alcohol policy for anyone he performs with, and it is my personal policy not to drink while working as well. Ask your band or DJ (and the rest of your wedding vendors) if they drink at weddings and be sure you’re comfortable with their answer.


When can we see you perform?

You should absolutely see your band play live to get an idea of how they interact with the audience. Don’t expect them to invite you to a wedding, but ask if they are performing at a public event or at the very least have video of them performing for an audience.


If you think David would be a good fit for your wedding or if you’d just like to pick his brain some more about hiring wedding entertainment you can get in touch with him at his website at dcfweddingmusic.com.

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