Choosing your hair stylist

Yesterday I sat down with Jen Wagner from Hair Body & Soul in Owen Sound to discuss wedding day hair and makeup. I’ve worked with brides at Hair Body & Soul in the past and Jen is a great resource for styling information. I’ve pulled a few questions from our chat and listed them below. Consider these questions when you’re searching for your wedding day stylist.

How many people can your facility accommodate?

This is especially important if you’re booking with a salon. If you have a bridal party of 8 a salon with only 2 or 3 chairs might not be able to accommodate you. Ask your stylist how many people the facility can style considering your timeline.

Can I make last minute additions?

Hair Body & Soul always tries to accommodate last minute additions. However hair and makeup can be time consuming (trust me, I’ve seen it). Be sure to give your stylist as much advanced warning as possible and ask his or her policy regarding additions on the day of.

How do your staff keep up on styles and trends?

It is important that your stylist can create the look that you want. Ask if she or he and the staff practice new styles on a regular basis.

How much time will we need and when should we get started?

Your stylist will be able to help you decide when you need to start hair and makeup. Give as much detail of your itinerary as you can like when the ceremony is starting and what time you’ll need to leave to be on time and looking fabulous.

Should I choose a salon or a portable hair stylist?

Jen says the appeal of a salon is convenience. Your stylist will have access to all of her or his products and supplies in the salon which might not be available on-location. If you are choosing a portable salon discuss ahead of time the supplies that will be needed. Be sure to do a trial so that your stylist knows what will be required for your look.

When should I have my hair and makeup trials?

Jen recommends having your trials no more than one month before the ceremony. Why? Because at 30 days you will have the most clear idea of the style of your wedding and how you’ll want your hair.

Bring your veil and accessories to the trial. Jen admits that at times the veil might not work with the hairstyle the bride wants. But if you bring it with you your stylist will be able to work with you to find a solution.

Can my photographer come?

If you want photographs of hair and makeup be sure to tell your stylist ahead of time. I’ve worked in some cozy salons and 2 to 3 more bodies can make those spaces feel cramped and difficult to work in. Your stylist will appreciate the heads up. She or he might also recommend a limit to the number of extra bodies and equipment, and that is information your photographer will want to have.

What is your #1 piece of advice for me?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Little things can always be worked around. At the end of the day you’ll probably be the only one who knows if something was forgotten. And, as Jen says, even if you’ve missed something, “You have a marriage to look forward to!”

Finally, if there is anything your stylist can do to help, ask! She or he is there to make your day extra special and will do what the can to help.

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