The funniest moments of 2015

For some, it’s the moment that takes their breath way, like the first look, the first kiss, or the first dance. It might be the moment the father of the bride is brought to tears when he sees his daughter in her dress. For others, it’s the vows. Or maybe it’s the food. (Oh, the food!) For me, the most memorable moment of a wedding is the one that makes everyone erupt in laughter.

I had a few belly busting laughs this season. Here are 3 of my favourite funny wedding moments from 2015 in no particular order.

When dinosaurs crashed Vicky and Niels’s quiet ceremony 

If we’re friends, you’ve heard me talk about Vicky and Niels’s wedding. If you don’t know me, you might still have seen me post photos from their wedding all over the place. That’s because their wedding was a once in a life time experience. I will likely never photograph another wedding with animatronic dinosaurs ever again. I’ll cherish these laughs forever.



Vicky was pretty quick to throw Niels’ under the dinosaur, so to speak. But you would too if you were being chased my a prehistoric creature, even if it was a plant eater.


Katie and I had a roar of a time posing Vicky and Niels’s Lego dinosaur drinking their wine and chowing down on their wedding cake during the reception. I put all these photos in their package as a fun surprise for later.




All the times the boys were… well, boys

The groom and groomsmen can be, at times, difficult to direct. They get a little too hopped up on love and happiness (and beer) and suddenly their playfulness goes into overdrive. I choose to embrace it! (For a few minutes, then we get back to business.)

Thanks to Katie for taking on the challenge of controlling the guys this season and snapping some of these gems.



There were some serious bromances this season…




I can’t remember if Andrew did this on purpose or by accident…




Thanks Katie for tying the faucets in the off position before taking this photo! Otherwise this could have caused one serious wardrobe disaster for Keith and all of his groomsmen.


Lane being bested by a bottle of champaign

Cheers! It’s time to party. Unless you’re Lane with one temperamental bottle of champaign. Cork-poppings are difficult to photograph, but this was by far my easiest because it took Lane so long to get that cork out of the bottle.


Check out how everyone is strategically leaning away from Lane…


This is when the top of the cork ripped off the bottle entirely, leaving the bottom still in the bottle. Now what?!



Oh nevermind, he got it… all over his shirt! Lane stood behind Drew for the rest of their photos until his shirt dried. I still love Drew’s reaction.



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