Sam & Trevor

Sam and Trevor you were so much fun, especially with frozen fingers and runny noses. Yes, it was cold, but I almost didn’t notice. I was entirely enthralled with your cuteness. Sam, you are absolutely beautiful, and I’m a big fan of your outrageous poses. Trevor, you pretend you don’t know how to be photographed, but you did just fine just looking at Sam in that way you do. And I don’t believe your claims that you don’t kiss this often; you kissed quite frequently when I wasn’t looking!

I can’t wait for the wedding!

Fligg-Walker-055 Fligg-Walker-003 Fligg-Walker-026 Fligg-Walker-045  Fligg-Walker-083 Fligg-Walker-089 Fligg-Walker-098 Fligg-Walker-112 Fligg-Walker-134 Fligg-Walker-141 Fligg-Walker-161 Fligg-Walker-180 Fligg-Walker-188 Fligg-Walker-218 Fligg-Walker-236 Fligg-Walker-252 Fligg-Walker-256 Fligg-Walker-290Fligg-Walker-316 Fligg-Walker-320 Fligg-Walker-328 Fligg-Walker-336 Fligg-Walker-361 Fligg-Walker-458Fligg-Walker-365 Fligg-Walker-473 Fligg-Walker-483 Fligg-Walker-494 Fligg-Walker-518 Fligg-Walker-549  Fligg-Walker-590 Fligg-Walker-601 Fligg-Walker-606 Fligg-Walker-614 Fligg-Walker-626 Fligg-Walker-633 Fligg-Walker-557

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  1. Amelia
    Amelia says:

    These are fantastic! You have truly captured my best friend and her fiance at their finest and I cannot wait until we get to do the wedding photos!!

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