Meaford engagement photo

Caitlyn & Mike

It’s important to me that I know my clients and their story well. I love to know who they are and where they came from, and most importantly what brought them to where they are! And with clients like Caitlyn and Mike this was no different. When I met them for their first wedding consultation I asked them how they met and Caitlyn told me how they actually went to school together. She remembered Mike, but Mike didn’t remember her. This, for me, is such a sweet story! When I met Caitlyn and Mike for their engagement session on Georgian Bay, their whole love story played out in my mind as I watched Mike giggle and flash Caitlyn the biggest, goofiest smile. That two people could cross paths so many years ago, and then come back together is something straight out of the movies!

Caitlyn: The first memory I have of Mike was meeting him in the hallway of our middle school. He was this short kid in grade 8 with a huge Five Star binder (the accordion style) and a full beard. Our homerooms were across from each other mine was French immersion and his was straight English and I remember thinking, “who has a full beard in grade 8?”

Mike: The first memory I have of Caitlyn is when we were meeting for the first time. I drove to Owen Sound looking for her apartment. I got a little lost and ended up at the Bayshore arena. I called Caitlyn and told her where I was and she laughed and said I was looking right at her building. When I got to the door I hesitated knocking for a second. I wasn’t sure how things were going to go. But glad I did anyway. As Caitlyn opened the door all I saw was this beautiful lady.

Caitlyn: Michael is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. At first he is shy but once he gets to know you and is comfortable he is so funny and quick witted.

Mike: Caitlyn is a very nice and kind person. she is a very family involved person and loves spending time with family and friends. Caitlyn is also funny and has a unique sense of humor.