family photography on the beach

Buck Family

The Buck family has officially said goodbye to their family cottage on Christie Beach. But before they left, they made some final memories with this romantic, sweet, and funny family photo session.

Of course, it all starts with the grandparents. Then the kids. Then the grandkids. And these three generations are certainly full of personality. Check out their beach family session here…

Christie Beach Child Photography

Speaking from experience, it can be stressful for parents to prepare for a photo session. Why? Because they’re often afraid that their children will not behave. This has even turned some families entirely off of having professional photos done. But the beauty of working with a professional is that you get to lean on their experience in working with children.

With me, for example, I know that children often show a lot of resistance in the first few minutes of their session. They might be too shy to show their faces. They might be too outgoing to give me a natural smile. But I know that if everyone remains calm, cool, and collected, they’ll soon warm up to me and we’ll be on our way to creating tons of beautiful family photographs.

If you are planning family photos with your kiddos on Christie Beach, I have the ideal resource for you. It is my guide to preparing your kids, and is filled with tips on how to speak to them before the session, what not to say to them the day of, and even how to dress them. And you can tap right here to learn all of that.