collingwood arboretum family photos

The Yius

When Catherine first emailed me about photographing her family who were visiting Blue Mountain together over the Labour Day Weekend, she said, “I love your personality! And I love yellow!” I knew we were menat to work together. She was kind and focussed and energetic. I was really looking forward to meeting her family at the Collingwood Arboretum for some sweet photos with this small, but extended family.

Throughout their photos here, I’m going to share Catherine’s commentary on what life is like as a family.

“A day at our home is filled with laughter, singing, kids playing lava escape, and mom or dad saying ‘Let’s go babies we are laaaate!’ Having a 5 year-old boy and 7 year-old girl at home is a total blessing. My house is a mess, I always joke that even thieves will pass by our home because they take a look at our playroom and think ‘Oh this house is already being robbed. Next!’ This drives my hubby nuts because he is a very organized person… needless to say, daddy is the bad cop…”

“Steven, my brother, has expensive taste, and is very smart. May, my sister-in-law, is caring and loving. And Zoe, my niece, is a 12 years old becoming a young lady. She is easy going and sweet.”

“My parents live 15 mins drive away from us. Traditional Chinese parents! Dad speaks English but mom doesn’t. But she managed to take great care of us since we moved here 25 years ago! We meet once or twice a week for dinner, and I’ve been struggling to keep up my kids’ Cantonese so they can talk to my parents.”

Family is everything to me. I’m who I’m because of them. Sometimes I wish time will pass by slower so my kids will not grow up so fast, and my parents will not grow old so fast.”