diverse family photos

Juma Family

When I arrived at their cottage, the first thing out of anyone’s mouth was, “Do you like McDonald’s?” Well, I don’t really like McDonald’s, actually! I think their burgers are too small and their fries are disappointing. So we had a delightful debate about the best fast food joints as the sunset over Balm Beach.

Diverse Family Photos

It’s common for me to hear, “You know, the reason that I want to work with you is because I saw diversity on your website.” And this is something that upsets me.

As a college student, I was told to put my “best looking clients” on my website. Why? Because with my best-looking clients on my website, potential clients can visualize themselves as those great-looking people in my photos and want to work with me. This never sat well with me because I was never that “best-looking client.” I believe that people should be able to see people who look like them in my photos, and that it is my job to make it clear who I work with.

So allow me to make myself clear: I work with people of all walks of life, all backgrounds, all body types, all skin tones, and all orientations. If you fit into one of these groups (which you probably do), and especially if you feel marginalized, please feel comfortable reaching out to me, sharing with me, and I hope that you feel excited to work with me.

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