Jacobs-Singh Family

I’m on top of the world editing this sweet family’s photos. Little Santino is so loved, as evidenced by the song that lights up his face without fail: “Santino! Santino! We all love Santino!” It made working with this Port Elgin area family so easy, because more often than not, Santino’s face was absolutely covered in a massive smile.

I’m writing this blog from a small cafe in Port Elgin immediately after meeting with Jennifer for her wee family’s official photo premier. She loved the photos, and it’s easy to see why. This little gentleman is a ham!

Port Elgin Family Photography

I often hear from parents how nervous they are to tackle family photos with their toddler because “they just won’t behave.” But trust me, I’ve seen more than enough tantrums to understand how little ones work. In fact, if we’re being real, I’ve seen full-grown adults throw tantrums at photo sessions. It doesn’t phase me. The important thing is that we document and celebrate these amazing stages of family and life that we’ll never get back.

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