The Ironsides

When I met with Jim before his family’s session to discuss the plan, I asked him all the questions I had about his family life. The biggest one was about how he and his wife, Marlene, managed to keep their relationship alive and well since (get ready for this) grade 9! He didn’t have any advice for me, or any long speeches about hard work or how hard it’s been at times. He simply said, “You know, Sophia, at the end of the day… my first love was the best!”

You can probably imagine that, as a photographer, I am witness to all sorts of family dynamics. Especially when large families get together. And while I couldn’t wait to meet the rest of Jim’s family, they weren’t at all what I expected. Everyone was equally as funny. Even his mother, who genuinely laughed at all of his teasing.

There is nothing I love more than a family that laughs together!

Before a session I normally expect to do some photos of distinct groups. The whole family, individual family groups, couples, children, grandparents with the grandkids… But with the Ironsides, the family groups all melded together. This was especially true of the girls, who wanted photos of them playing with their grandpa and uncles (and the chickens).

I can’t ask for more than a beautiful sunset for family portraits. But I was absolutely blown away by Jim’s words about his relationship with Marlene. And it’s echoed by the whole crew. You know, family is never perfect, but it is the best, and I think the Ironsides have fully embraced that mantre.

Sunset Family Photography

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