types of photographic prints

What Type of Photo Print Do I Need?

Often when I ask my clients what they would like to do with their photos, they default to those 5×7, flimsy prints they remember from their scrapbooking days. But between traditional finishings like canvases and frames and contemporary displays like acrylics and metal prints, it can be entirely overwhelming to decide what type of finishings would be best for your home.

My process is designed to help make that decision easier. During our initial consultations, I get an idea for your home decor style, and in our premiere, I will help you narrow your focus. For clients who visit the studio, you can choose from a range of looks on display in the gallery. And for those who host their premieres in their own homes, I can show you what your prints might look like on your own walls in various formats.

But in the meantime, what finishings might be good for your home? Below, I have outlined some of my most popular finishings and things you should consider when choosing your finishings.

What is your overall decor like?

First, consider the decor of your home. This is important because you want your photos to suit your decor perfectly. Here are a few examples to give you a quick idea of what’s possible.

Acrylic prints

Acrylics have clean lines and shine to them and suit modern decor. They are very heavy and can sit on your desk, a side table, or a shelf to easily bring a little bit of extra light to any corner of your home.

Canvas wraps & framed canvases

Canvases are classic, simple, and clean with a little bit of texture. they are very light, and they can come framed or be framed in the future. They are great to hang in groups.

Framed prints

Frames are a traditional finishing that can be totally customized to match your existing decor. They come in all sorts of shapes, colours, and styles, and can come with traditional glass, glare-free glass, or no glass at all.

rustic country frame
Custom Framed Print

Where are you displaying it?

Where you are displaying your photos will have an impact on the finishings you choose. For example, you won’t want a heavy, ornate piece in your child’s bedroom, but you might want that above your fireplace. You don’t want to set something too light on your desk, but a heavy acrylic print could be perfect. 

Here are some quick ideas that might help you choose depending on where you are displaying your photos:

A bookshelf

  • Acrylic prints
  • Mounted prints
  • Small canvases
  • Thin, clean frames

Above the fireplace or couch

  • Large canvases and framed canvas
  • Vintage frames
  • Thick frames

The stairway

  • Framed prints
  • Canvas wraps

Your coffee table

  • Mounted prints
  • Acrylic prints
  • Albums
Barnwood Canvas Scroll

Are you giving it to someone?

You might also consider who will ultimately get your print. For example, if this is a gift, you’ll want to consider the gift receiver’s style. You can tap here to see my recommendations for gifting photography. And you might also consider who you might pass these pieces along to.

Your photos are meant to be enjoyed for decades by both you and the people who come after you. So, once you’ve taken into consideration what you want, you might think about what your family might like to hold onto, what is easiest for your family to incorporate into their own homes, and what will stand the test of time.

For example, frames can easily be updated. If your children decide they love a photo but not the frame, they can always swap it out. Canvases are classic and can always be framed in the future. However, storing them is a bit more difficult as they rip easily. Large acrylic prints are sturdy, but they mark easily and are extremely heavy to transport. So think about what is easiest for you and your family.

Ask your photographer for help

There is a lot I can do to help you choose the right finishings for your home (or favourite family member). Our first step is to book your consultation. Tap right here to contact me, and we’ll chat about what you need and how I can help you decorate your home with your family’s smiles.