Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

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Will We Get Digital Files?

Yes! Of course. And so much more. Click here to learn exactly what you'll receive with your wedding collection.
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What If We Change Our Wedding Date?

You might need to reschedule your wedding for one of many reasons. Whatever that reason is, rescheduling your wedding will have some impact on all those retainers that you paid your wedding vendors. Read this to get up to speed.

What Happens If We Cancel Our Wedding?

In 9 years as a professional wedding photographer, I have had 3 weddings cancelled. So what happened to those retainers? You need to know. Read this.

How Do I Care For My New Photos?

So you've got some brand-spankin'-new printed artwork for your home. Congratulations! Before you rip into the bubblewrap read this to learn how to care for it.

Why Do I Need A Wedding Album?

I am a firm believer that prints, books, and keepsakes are an essential part of every photography package for 3 very important reasons. Read this to find out why digital files just ARE NOT enough for your wedding photos.

How should my wedding day unfold?

Getting married? How this whole thing will go down? These days your wedding itinerary can be whatever you want it to be! The end... Just kidding. Read this!