Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Family

Is your holiday gifting done for 2019? Mine almost is!!

It’s this season that I feel very lucky to be a photographer because I can easily gift my family photos I’ve taken throughout the year. Every year, I give my family a little bit of photography, which might seem like a bit of laziness on my part, but I’ve kept up with it because of the impact I’ve seen it have.

Below and in the video above I’m going to share some of my favourite holiday gifts ideas which I guarantee your family and friends will absolutely love. After all, they love you, so photos of you are guaranteed to please. I’ll also share whom each gift is best suited to in your family, and a quick glimpse into pricing.

Christmas gift ideas acrylic photo print

Acrylic Prints

This year I gifted the above acrylic print to my grandpa. You want to know why? I am my grandpa’s only grandchild (of 9) with their own herd of Hereford cattle. And those beauties behind me are descendants of my grandfather’s herd. So not only is this a photo of his granddaughter, but this piece has a lot of meaning to him and his family.

Acrylic prints are fantastic for your parents and parents-in-law, and I love them for your spouse’s office. They come in sizes from 4×6 to 30×45 and start at $165.

holiday gift ideas canvas gallery wrap

Canvas Gallery Wraps

My dad is incredibly difficult to buy for. I mean, really, what does the guy need? Nothing. And if you ask him what he wants he’ll probably say something along the lines of, “Oh… I don’t know… I don’t really need anything.” But over the last two years, I have gotten him these two canvases.

Two years ago I got him the bottom photo of “his girls,” and last year, I got him the top photo taken by my friend Candra.

I swear, as soon as he opened both of them his face lit right up and he spent the remainder of our time opening gifts holding them and staring at them because he just loved them so gosh darn much.

I find that generally, canvases are best suited to your siblings and young adult children who are out on their own for the first time. They also make a great gift for baby’s first Christmas as a keepsake that child can keep with them for the rest of their lives. They range from 5×7 to 40×40 and start at $95.

holiday gift ideas 2020 calendar


When I first shared this presentation, I mentioned calendars. Afterward, multiple people stood and commented on how they had received calendars over the years from family and friends and that they still have them!

Your family will engage with your calendar for a full 12 months! Each time they turn to the next page, they’ll feel the warm fuzzies all over again. I recommend these for parents, siblings, and especially grandparents. They come in three sizes and start at $45.

holiday gift ideas Christmas cards

Greeting Cards

I send holiday cards each year, and send out handwritten cards throughout the year to various people. They are always extremely well received. In fact, many months ago I sent a card to a client’s assistant whom I deal with regularly but have never had the chance to meet. Recently when I had a chance to visit their office, I saw that card hanging from her desk right next to her computer monitor. I smiled immediately.

Holiday cards are perfect for your extended family and friends who live far away, and are a great way to reach out to clients and customers over the holiday season. 25 cards start at $60.

Holiday Gift Ideas

For more holiday gift inspiration, to order your photos, and to see some of these items in person, tap here to contact me. We’ll set up an appointment for you to visit my studio gallery where you can actually see and touch these items in person, and I can help make you the best gifter in your family this holiday season.

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