Wardrobe Ideas For Spring Photos

I’m not the most fashionable photographer on the planet. When it comes to dressing myself I wear primarily jeans and a plain, dark shirt in public, and exclusively sweatpants at home. But don’t let me be the example for your session. Especially in spring when literally everything is coming alive and the world is full of colourful opportunities.

When choosing your outfit for your photo session you should consider the season and fit. Your outfit should make you feel fashionable and confident, and say a little something about you. If I had my way, this would mean I’d be photographed in a pair of pjay pants and an old ball shirt. But it doesn’t.

For your spring session you should dress up for your personality. Sweatpants are a no (I definitely didn’t make this rule), but a good pair of your favourite fitted jeans are a big yes! You can also use a variety of patterns, colours, textures, and accessories to show off your style.

Here are a few ways to dress for your shoot.

Plaids & Patterns

Spring is the perfect time of year to bring out your favourite colourful, patterned clothes. You can go bold with stunning stripes or subtle with delicate florals or polkadots.

Low-key, horizontal stripes are popular this year. Mix them with solid neutrals, or opt for a bolder look with bright and bold florals.

Do not wear graphics or logos. While patterns are in and highlight your personality, graphics and logos are unnecessarily distracting.

Colour Trends

Some great colours for the season are light pinks, blues, and greens, and creams and whites are stunning against both colourful and neutral backdrops.


Consider your backdrop when choosing your colour scheme. Bright colour blocking, for example, might best suit an urban setting. You can also mix your favourite, bold, solid colour accessories with other textures like denim and lace which will suit a natural environment.

Coordinate, but don’t match! 15 years ago it was popular for everyone in the family to be dressed entirely in white, but I don’t recommend it today. Each member of your family has a unique personality and your clothes are a great way to express it in photos. Pick colours that go together, and give yourself room to choose a variety of textures and patterns. You can use the colour schemes in the ebook to coordinate your family and avoid clashing.

Denim & Lace

While bold colours and stripes are trending this year, a good denim jacket and a lace top or dress are classic. You can easily dress denim up with a colourful pattern or simply rock the casual country look, and the neutral creams in lace suit a natural backdrop perfectly.

I’m partial to the neutral look, myself. With red hair and nearly transparent skin there aren’t many bright colours I can pull off well. The fantastic thing about these tones and textures is that they are literally always in style, no matter the season (lucky for me). They tend to mix seamlessly with trending fashions as well. So don’t shy away from your using classic neutrals to break up the bright spring colours.


Tis the season of cleaning and minimizing clutter. Take this into consideration when planning your wardrobe. Don’t mix too many accessories like a chunky jacket and scarf. You might instead pair a jacket with a simple necklace, or a tank top with a scarf.

Wear close-toed shoes. While I can’t wait to break out my Birkenstocks, spring can be a bit unpredictable weather-wise, and you never know when you might accidentally step in a puddle. This is a great time of year for bright rubber boots in your country portraits or solid flats or heels in your urban setting. Of course, choose your footwear appropriately considering your setting.

Avoid running shoes, and skate shoes. I know I just said to wear close-toed shoes, but this is worth repeating. Your photo shoot is not the appropriate setting for your old worn out sneakers.

Don’t wear sunglasses, transition lenses, or even glasses if you can get away with it. I want to be able to see your eyes! They’re the first place we look in a photo and even clear glasses can leave highlights blocking them. If you have contact lenses, use them.

Do not wear a hat. Your favourite ball cap can leave a shadow across your forehead and eyes, and when you take it off your hair will be flattened and there will be a ring around your forehead.

I hope these ideas help inspire your spring wardrobe. Now that the snow is gone and the foliage is coming back to life it can be freeing to mix colours, patterns, and textures again. Have fun! There are so many opportunities in the season’s colours to get creative, so use this opportunity to show off your personality. And send me some selfies! I want to see what you come up with.