2020 Boudoir Series

It’s time for my annual Boudoir Series!

It’s an event that challenges a lot of women to be vulnerable and to treat themselves with an incredible amount of respect with a huge payoff.

This series is for women. There are no other qualifying characteristics. So if you would like to challenge yourself this year, if you would like to see yourself in a new light, or if you would like to gift a special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day, you need to sign up!

Each session includes hair and makeup, a fun photo session, and a beautiful 4×6 acrylic gift. Sessions start at $396 and will take place January 18th, 2020.

I started hosting this series just a few years ago. My first participants were previous boudoir clients and the people they DEMANDED come with them because, as they put it, “Everyone woman should do this at some point.”

Those previous clients experienced first-hand what these sessions can do for their self-confidence. They were women who had undergone double mastectomies. They were women with a few extra curves. They were women who could barely walk after a few knee surgeries. Women who were recently divorced. Women with a little extra skin left behind from significant weight loss. These women were all completely different. But one thing they have in common is that they left their sessions empowered, confident, and feeling those butterflies of excitement bursting out of their chests. And they can proudly say that they were responsible for making themselves feel that way.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself, and you’d like to sign up for this year’s Boudoir Series, tap right here.