Big changes for the 2015 wedding season!

Well folks, I have some good news, and I have bad news. Let’s rip off the bandaid and start with the bad news first!

I’m loosing my assistant of the past 2 years. Nate is making a career change and moving with his girlfriend to British Columbia.

It’s been a lot of fun working with Nate. He’s helped out and been a great insight into groomsmen wedding-day shenanigans. I can’t thank him enough for always making sure I didn’t trip while walking backwards, for policing my no-sunglasses-in-photos policy, and for grabbing some of those great detail shots you’ve loved so much.

If Nate was a part of your wedding please take a moment and leave him a farewell message below.


Now the good news!

Meet Katie. Katie will be my new assistant for the 2015 wedding season, and I’m really excited to work with her.

Here’s what you need to know about Katie: she knows her stuff, she falls down while walking backwards about as much as I do, and she loves horses (a lot). Katie got her start in photography with the Summer Company program and is now attending the Fanshawe College photography program (same as me).

I’m really excited to see what we produce together this season! Be sure to welcome Katie to the team below!


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  1. Jenn Earnest
    Jenn Earnest says:

    All the best to you Nate! Thanks again to you and Sophia for all the amazing work you did on our wedding photos back in September 2014 :)

    Jenn & Brandon Earnest

  2. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    So excited to welcome your new addition ..Katie!! 2015 brings so much!! Patiently counting down the days !!<3

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