Christmas Photography Gift Guide

8 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2018

Are you ready? I’m going to say it…


But hold up! Gift giving can actually be really, really easy. And to give you a hand, I’ve put together a guide with 8 simple gifts that I promise your loved ones will just adore. There might even be some happy tears!

Below I’ve included an overview of these ideas. But if you’d like to go ahead and get the complete list, pop your email in the box below and I’ll send a copy of the guide to your inbox.

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First, let’s start with something kind of obvious.

Holiday Cards

Is it just me, or have holiday cards tragically gone out of style? People don’t seem to send them these days. Which is an even better reason to hop on the bandwagon! These pieces are cost effective, and in a time when handwritten notes are uncommon, they have a huge impact on everyone we send them to with little-to-no work on the senders part. And they’ll stay for years on your loved ones’ fridges as a constant reminder to smile.

Acrylic Prints

I love acrylic prints, especially as a gift for grandparents. They are simple prints with a slab of acrylic on top to create a 3D effect. And in small sizes (like 5×7 and 8×10) these little gems sit pretty on any shelf or desk, where these days open floor plans leave little wall space.


If you just cannot choose just one photo to give, why not give all of them? Albums come in sizes as cute as 5×5 and 8×8, and can be filled with all of your favourite photos. These books are perfect for those most special in your life. And in my experience, every recipient make audible “Wow!” sounds each time they turn the page.

Customize your book with text throughout, leave white space to handwrite your own messages on each page, or fill it from start to finish with huge, beautiful images. And of course, choose a cover to suit or photos or in your family’s favourite fabric.

Print Boxes

If you like the idea of an album, but you want to give your family a bit more flexibility, I suggest a print box. A print box makes a great alternative to an album because not only does it include several photos in a beautiful wood and fabric box, but the photos can be framed or displayed as-is throughout your family members’ homes. So it gives your favourite people a bit more creative license over how to display these cherished memories.

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