Most Memorable Photo Moments of 2019

It is that time of year when we look back on all of the ridiculousness we’ve enjoyed in the past 365 days. And each year, highlight a few moments from weddings and family sessions to celebrate them. This year, I’m sharing some of the most memorable moments from 2019. And I hope you love them.

Sarah’s First Dance With Dad (+ Owen)

There was an intense amount of love at Sarah and Levi’s wedding. And when I say intense, I mean there were tears on everyone’s faces. When Sarah and her dad had their dance, everyone cried. But then they invited Sarah’s brother, Owen, onto the dance floor, and everyone cried more! I’m shocked these photos came out in focus between all my tears.

This University of Guelph Love Story

Photographing Sarah and Douglas’s engagement session at #UofG, and hearing all about how Doug literally ran and hid in this alleyway to avoid Sarah because he was too scared to talk to her. (A fact which he probably shouldn’t have shared with me, because I just keep bringing it up on the blog and social media.) That wasn’t even the best part though. The best part was Sarah’s response: “Wait… What?! I didn’t know this…”

Meeting Mini Adam

In about 4 years, Rowan will be the same age Adam and I were when we first met. It was so cool to meet his wee one who is almost exactly like him. Including in hair volume. A great reminder that we used to be young, once.

Aging Caitlyn & Mike

Caitlyn and Mike asked me to photograph them in a funny outfit at their engagement session. I assumed that would be it for that photo. Just something fun for them to do together. But no. This is what I found at their wedding! Caitlyn ran the photo through that whacky ageing app, and… well I mean, look at it! This is what they’ll look like in 50-60 years.

This Ham

I believe the text message I sent Ben while editing their family photos was, “It’s unfair how cute your son is.” Because come on! He’s adorable! But photographing him and his extended family was pretty entertaining, because he wanted to be in all of the photos. I’d ask his 3 cousins (even one at a time) to pose for me, and he’d sneak in, grab their hands, and pose for the camera. It’s not often that I photograph people who are completely comfortable with being in front of the camera, but this toddler is!

Barely Surviving Mosquito Season

Next up is this engagement session! I honestly feel blessed to have made it through Kathryn and Leigh’s engagement session with Ben from while getting eaten alive by mosquitos. As if we’ve come through a battle together. I remember how Kathryn and Leigh would be furiously scratching, and I’d yell, “OK!” and they’d immediately smile and act all cute, only to return to furiously scratching when I put my camera down. I can also remember exactly how itchy I was for days!

Photographing The Four Horsemen Statue

This was a pretty awesome moment for me. I mean, photographing this family was amazing. But when Sara (the mom) explained to me that this statue was about one of 25 in the world, I felt kind of like I was in the presence of art royalty. It was pretty cool to photograph it. Well, sort of photograph it. (Look behind the Belluz family.)

the four horsemen statue photograph

That Time My Head Exploded

At one of my weddings, this season, my couple was just struggling! Everyone was late, from the decorators to the limo. The ceremony site didn’t get decorated the way they wanted, and after driving way too fast on the 401 to get the bride to the ceremony on time, the limo driver wouldn’t let her out of the vehicle because he wanted to be paid but had forgotten his debit machine. ARG! Finally, to top it all off, we were informed the day of the wedding that half of the venue was booked for part of the evening, so we wouldn’t be able to access the places the couple wanted for their creative photos until later in the night, throwing off our whole itinerary. Thankfully, the couple was totally calm, cool, and collected about absolutely everything. I was seriously impressed. Then, when we finally got to their creative photo time, they let it slip, “You’re the only vendor we haven’t had to worry about.” And that’s when my head exploded.

behind the scenes Owen Sound photographer

The Bud Light Wedding

I’m going to blow my own cover here, but I don’t photograph many weddings in the middle of the summer. My summer wedding clients can attest as to why: I sweat. A lot. It’s a bit embarrassing. But I was so excited about Clare and Sammy’s wedding that it didn’t matter that it was happening in the beginning of July. Plus, “you never know, maybe it will be nice and cool,” I thought. But it was not! It was absolutely one of the hottest days of the summer! But wait…

Clare and Sammy told me when we first met that their wedding would be more of a party. “We just want to drink beer and hang out with our friends” is pretty much verbatim what Sammy said. Turns out, they got exactly what they wanted, including frequent breaks from photo-taking to enjoy a cold one (allowing me time to de-sweat).

Have A Happy New Year

I hope that you and your family have a ridiculously happy new year!

When it’s time to schedule your yearly family portrait for 2020, tap right here to connect with me. I can’t wait to make some fun memories with you.