Unplugged Weddings: Is this thing plugged in?

Have you thought about having an unplugged wedding? Are you going to encourage your guests to hashtag their photos on Instagram? Read this to learn the benefits of having an unplugged wedding and of encouraging your friends and family to nerd out.

Asha & Joel

Asha and Joel are getting married this Saturday and I can't wait for the wedding! They're such a charismatic couple, and so ridiculously in love. Read this to see their engagement session.

My favourite unique wedding favours

This season I've seen (and photographed) a number of creative and unique gifts. Here are just a few of my favourites.
husband to be

Irena & Josh

Editing Irena and Josh's film was like watching my favourite movie for the 100th time. I can play out each moment in my mind in detail, predicting the next as if it were perfectly scripted, and yet each time I find myself a little choked up. Read this to see why.

Congratulations Alanna & Adam!

Alanna and Adam had a beautiful ceremony at Sandy Lane Farm just outside of Southampton, Ontario. Congratulations Alanna and Adam!