Dark skin care and men’s skin care with Jessy Déroneth

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to learn from some exceedingly talented individuals, and during my time in London, Ontario I met Jessy Déroneth. Jessy is a modelling agent and has developed her own natural skin care line. Last week I sat down with Jessy and asked her for some skin care tips for men and anyone with dark skin who might be preparing to have their photo taken.

Ultimately, she says, skin is skin. There is no men’s skin, no women’s skin, and no ideal skin tone. The goal is to make your natural skin as healthy and clear as possible. With that in mind she shared with me a few tips which you’ll catch in the video above.

Lemon, no pun intended

Jessy says that lemon is a preferable treatment for acne scars and dark spots to skin lightening creams which might contain hydroquinone and mercury. Again, the goal is not to lighten all of your skin, but to even out your natural skin tone. So only use lemon on those dark scars.

Lemon can also help manage oily skin, which, Jessy says, can be a problem for skin types with lots of melanin.

Skin care and makeup for men

It doesn’t matter what the bottle looks like. Skin is skin, and skincare is skincare. Jessy encourages men not to be afraid of skin care. Moisturizer is your friend, and will help calm dry, flakey skin.

I’ve worked with brides whose bridal party will spend hours getting their makeup done before the festivities. But I haven’t met a groom yet who has had the same amount of attention paid to his face. What I have experienced, however, is a beautiful, polished bride standing next to her (literally) shiny new husband. Makeup, Jessy tells us, is not just for women. It can be a fantastic tool to help even out your skin. Embrace it. When it comes to a wedding, a groom or groomsman might only need a bit of powder to take the shine out of his forehead.

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Book a training session with your photographer

While you’re planning for the wedding, don’t forget to plan for the photos! I always recommend that couples book engagement sessions with their photographers because it’s the best way to get to know how your photographer works and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. But of course things will be a bit different when you’re all dolled up in your dress and heels. Jessy recommends that brides book a session with their hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer. You can even hire a posing coach. A bridal session will give you a chance to learn how to move in your dress in front of the camera in the most flattering ways possible.

Don’t go to the spa the day before

Have you ever wondered why you always get a zit the day of an event? Because you treated your skin the day before. Jessy suggests that if you’re going to get a facial or scrub not to book your appointment for the day before. Give yourself at least 3 days for your skin to clear up after the treatment.

jessy1Jessy is a modeling agent and coach at The Agency Models in London, Ontario. She has also developed her own skin care line called Nature’s Way Body Care and is available for skin care consultations for men, women, and all skin types.

Jessy is passionate about educating whomever she can on being their best natural self with fitness training, natural skin care, and coaching. You can find Jessy at The Agency Models and Nature’s Way Body Care.

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