Wedding day hairdo advice from Allie Record

I have the best hair stylist. Her name is Allie. Every time I sit in her chair she tries to teach me something about hair care, products, and styling. She’s been so helpful with managing my mane that I thought she’d be a great resource for you and your wedding-prep hair care.

Allie and I sat down last week, and she told me all about what you should consider when planning your hair for your wedding day. You can see all of her tips in the video above.

Book your hair trials 3 to 4 weeks out

There is no need to book your hair trial a full year in advance of your wedding. 3 to 4 weeks is more than enough time for you to sit down with your stylist and work out all the kinks. She will also give you some great advice about how you should treat your hair in the weeks leading up to the big day and what products will work best with your hair.

Be realistic

Use your dress and your face as a guide for choosing your hair style. But remember, some hair types are easier to work with than others which might require more work and product. That’s why you have a hair trial.

Bring your accessories and your wishes for your hair to your trial. Your stylist will give you guidance on what will work well with your hair type and what might require you to spend more hours in her chair. And if you’re the type who has no idea what she wants to do with her hair (like me) your stylist will be able to give you some guidance with the style of your wedding, your face shape, and your dress in mind.

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Do not change your hair style in the month before your wedding

Don’t make any major changes to your hair immediately before the wedding and especially after your hair trials. Drastic changes in your hair colour, for example, can be shocking on your wedding day, and lopping off your locks will seriously complicated your stylists’ job.

Don’t wash your hair the day of the wedding

“One day dirty” hair is the best for stylists to work with. Who knew?! Don’t wash your hair the morning of the wedding. Prepare your hair the night before as instructed by your stylist. She will tell you what products to use and how to prepare your mop the morning of.

There are dry shampoos to help you feel fresh, and your stylist will be able to tell you about shine and leave-in products to help keep your hair looking healthy.

Remember you love your wedding party

Allie’s #1 piece of advice might not be what you expect, but it is to remember that you love your wedding party. You asked them to be a part of your wedding for a reason, after all. Don’t expect everyone’s hair to do the same thing. Each person has a different colour, texture, and style. Your stylists will be able to work with each individual to create a style that works for your wedding and her or his hair.

wedding-hair-care-allieAllie has been a hair stylist at Hair Body and Soul in Owen Sound for the past 4 years.

You can visit the salon at 412 10th St W, Owen Sound, at the bottom of the 10th St. W hill, or you can call the salon at 519-376-4201.

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