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30 Day Beauty Regiment for Brides and Bridesmaids

Between confirming your flowers, finalizing your cake, and managing your soon-to-be in-laws, the weeks before the wedding can be a complete, exhausting blur. Learn what to do and when to do it to be fully prepared for photos on your wedding day! Get the 30 day beauty plan and download the free app here.

How To Choose the Best Location for Your Portraits

Choosing the perfect location is an important part of the portrait process. It's also a very difficult one. In fact, if a deeply meaningful location doesn't immediately pop into your head you might be absolutely stumped. Most of my clients stare blankly at me when this question comes up, and many just defer to me for the final decision. But choosing the right location for your portraits can be what makes them truly meaningful instead of, "just some pictures of us." So how do you pick the right place?

How to Boost Your Teen's Confidence

The expectations for our teens are high, and the consequences for not meeting them can seem absolutely life-shattering. Add bullying, anxiety, and depression to that, and it's no surprise that the teens in our lives will experience low self esteem. It is heart breaking. As adults, there are a few things we can do to repair and improve their self confidence. One of my favourites for those on the cusp of adulthood is to remind them of how spectacular they are. Whether it's by subtly dropping them compliments or creating time to celebrate their achievements, we can help the young adults in our lives recognize how amazing they are and believe it.

The Importance of Our Planning Meeting

Your planning meeting is an essential part of your photo session. Why? Because without it you can't be sure what you'll get. Read this to learn what we do during your planning meeting and why it's so important.

How Do I Care For My New Photos?

So you've got some brand-spankin'-new printed artwork for your home. Congratulations! Before you rip into the bubblewrap read this to learn how to care for it.

This Is The New Camera You Should Buy

Thinking of buying a new camera? Read this first! I think I can help you make your decision.

5 Tips to Take Better Family Photos

Want to take better family photos? It doesn't require the best equipment. It's actually really easy. These 5 simple tips will help! Check 'em out.

Unplugged Weddings: Is this thing plugged in?

Have you thought about having an unplugged wedding? Are you going to encourage your guests to hashtag their photos on Instagram? Read this to learn the benefits of having an unplugged wedding and of encouraging your friends and family to nerd out.