holiday gift ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

It is officially that time of year! That time of year to start checking our favourite people off our holiday gift list! If you’re looking for great holiday gift ideas, you are in the exact right place! Watch the video below to get the best, most personal gift ideas for your favourite people.

As a wedding and family photographer, gifts are something that I’m thinking about all year. I work with many of my clients to create lists and ideas for their families well in advance of the holidays.

I have some old favourites as well as some new options to share with you. We’ll start with holiday cards and metal ornaments. 12-month calendars are next, followed by acrylics, and gift certificates. These 5 options offer a range of prices for a range of people on your list. And I’ll be getting into all of them as well as how to design and order your own!

holiday greeting cards

Greeting Cards

People are sending their messages of love more and more via bits and bytes over the internet. Still, people love these hand-held messages even more.

Think about it… We’ve been meeting via Zoom for nearly 2 years now, and we’re all getting a bit sick of it. We have all missed that in-person element. This is why people love physical cards so much. Being able to hold a card that our loved one put time into writing for us brings us one figurative step closer.

And you can design your own holiday cards in your gallery. Just choose your favourite photos, a design, add a custom message, and choose your favourite colours.

2021 holiday gift ideas

Foil Christmas Cards

If you’re looking for something a little bit more custom, check out my foil cards! Foil can be added to select card designs from your gallery in gold, silver, and copper. All of the same customizations are available. These cards stand out just a little bit more for your favourite people.

Christmas tree ornaments

Metal Christmas Ornaments

Growing up, my family put an emphasis on building Christmas decoration collections for us kids. These ornaments would have been perfect for that!

Ornaments are ideal for adding special memories to your own tree and for gifting your parents the best memories of their grandbabies. You can also start building that Christmas decoration collection for little ones.

You can DIY your own ornaments in their gallery. All you have to do is choose the ornament shape and your favourite photo.

They are double-sided and come with gold-and-wite-spiral string, red, and white ribbon. And they’re available in circle, haven, heart, hexagon, oval, square, star, and winsome shapes.

holiday gift ideas

12-Month Calendars

Calendars are available in 3 sizes with different binding options including the spiral you see here or a metal clip.

These are not printed on that flimsy paper you see most 12-month calendars. Instead, they are printed on hard card stock and have lots of whitespace where you can write special notes mark dates that mean something to the person you’re gifting.

Like cards and ornaments, calendars can be designed in the gallery, and there are a few design options to choose from, which are slightly different for each different size.

Calendars can also start from whatever month you want. So if you won’t be celebrating with your family until February, they don’t have to miss out on a couple of months of enjoying their gift.

photography gift ideas

Acrylic Print Blocks

Acrylic prints are available in large sizes up to 30×45 in the gallery. But they also come in 4×6, 5×7, 8×8, and 8×10. These smaller sizes aren’t available in the galleries and can only be ordered directly from me. However, They make an excellent gift for those extra special people on your list like grandparents or your spouse.

They’re heavy and make a beautiful bookend or paperweight. Acrylics are an excellent alternative to framed prints and are a great feature without requiring any wall space. They can stand upright on a desk, a bookshelf, or a side table.

photography gift ideas

Photography Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be delivered digitally on Christmas day or any other day that you choose. They can be spent on a session or on printed artwork from a session. Gift certificates make excellent gifts for the mother-in-law who has wanted a new family portrait with her kids and grandkids for years. They are also great for families who have worked with me and want to add more prints to their collection. And they can be gifted to a loved one who might want to choose their favourite photo for printing. Gift certificates can be given in any amount, and I can work with you to choose the right amount.

I request contact information for the gift receiver so that I can connect with them directly. Of course, I wait until after the surprise is executed. This way the receiver doesn’t lose the certificate, forget what it’s for, and/or forget to ever use it.

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Gift Certificates: 16:20

Your Best Holiday Gift Ideas

If you like any of the gift ideas above or are looking for some more inspiration, please reach out to me! I’m thrilled that you’re choosing to give your family the gift that they will love most this holiday. And these holiday gift ideas will bring them joy for years to come. I can help you choose the exact right option that may very well bring tears to their eyes. So tap right here to connect with me, and let’s make this the best Christmas ever.

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