Proposal Photography

old baldy lookout proposal photography

Kara + Brandon

Brandon may not have considered the slippery mud that would splash up his pants for his romantic, Old Baldy surprise proposal! But he did it. He hiked with Kara up to the lookout, almost slipped on the ledge, gave his speech, and got down on one knee to this response...
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Roxana + Marco

And after 10 years of long-distance, attending school in Boston, and spending 2 years reconnecting with her family whom she loves so much, Marco thought it was finally a good time to officially make her his family, too! And so he contacted me for Georgian Bay proposal photography for his romantic sunset proposal at the lookout at Blue Mountain Village. See it here!
Blue Mountain photographer

Ashima & Avneet

This is an eight year love story worth seeing. Tap here to see Avneet's proposal to Ashima at Blue Mountain Resort!

Elena & Antonio's Proposal

You have to hear this proposal story. Antonio was planning his surprise proposal to Elena for a full year! His surprise Blue Mountain proposal was freezing cold, but so romantic. Get inspired by their photos! Check them out here.

Camellia & Romel's Proposal

Romance isn't easy for everyone. And neither is planning a surprise. But Romel knocked it out of the part with this Christmas in Collingwood proposal.
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Nirali & Krunal

Nirali knew that Krunal was proposing. It was pretty obvious…

Joanna + Paul

Before he proposed, Paul and I sat in his car hoping for the rain to stop. It was pouring, and Paul wanted to, at the very least, pop the question outside. But it didn't look like the sky would let up. See how it turned out here!