My favourite unique wedding favours

I am a big fan of the traditional chocolate wedding favour for two reasons. 1, because I am a chocoholic. And 2, because my neighbour’s chocolate could easily and mysteriously sprout legs and walk off the table without him noticing. That being said I have seen a number of delightfully non-traditional favours over the years such as donation gifts and jars filled with chocolate chip cookie ingredients (my favourite kind of ingredients). This season, however, I’ve seen (and photographed) a number of creative and unique gifts. Here are just a few of my favourites.

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What does one eat the morning after a wedding? Toast with jam, of course. So Tori & Ted made it easy for their guests to get a good start the next morning by giving each of them a jar of homemade jam. YUM! They made assorted jams and left a jar one at each place setting for their guests.




Hayley & Brent opted for jam as well. They chose a yummy 3 berry jam and wrapped it in hemp rope to go with their rustic barn wedding. Their guests were definitely feeling the love with this spread!





It’s honey, Honey!

Shari and Chad are so sweet that they decided to share one of their favourite treats. Honey! Simple, one would think. It’s honey, after all. It’s delicious and you can find it in your local grocery store. In fact a lot of effort went into finding the exact right flavoured honey for all of their favourite people. And can you imagine trying to jar all of these gifts without making a sticky mess?!




The family tree

Jenn and Brandon gave each guest a sapling. Yes! A tree. What a cool idea! This gift will literally last a lifetime (or two, or three) and is something that absolutely everyone can enjoy.





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