Secret Wedding Moments from 2018

When you think of wedding photography, you might think of a couple looking all gooey and romantic set on an amazing backdrop. You might think of the bride having her hair and makeup done, the look of anticipation plastered on her face. Maybe you think of the groom looking totally blown away seeing the bride for the first time. But often, when I ask my brides what is most important to them, they tell me something a little bit different.

They tell me they want to see the secret, unexpected moments that happen behind the scenes when they aren’t looking. And I have to tell you that those moments turn out to be some of the most beautiful and cherished photos of the day.

I don’t often share these moments, because fitting them into a small gallery from the day can be difficult. But I just love them so much, and I have more than a few from this season. Now that the 2018 wedding season has come to a close, I want to share some of these moments with you. They are the moments that make me laugh and cry. Sometimes they’re the moments the bride and groom didn’t see. Sometimes no one sees them, because they’re busy looking elsewhere.

These Boys Showing Their Emotional Sides

Jordan has got to be the most in-touch groom I have ever photographed. He cried a lot on his wedding day. In fact, we photographed his first look with Mary twice. The first time for the surprise, and the second time for the photos. And on queue, Jordan cried for both as if he was seeing his bride for the first time.

And here, Mary and Jordan’s nephew hops on the bandwagon and sheds some tears of his own during family photo time. At this time he is escorted by his older sister who at this point in the day was a total photo pro.

Let it go, kid! Having your photo taken is a vulnerable and challenging experience. It’s OK to cry!

These Unexpected Avian Guests

Natasha and Callan had their wedding on the waterfront at Living Water Resort’s Bear Estate in Collingwood, Ontario. The Collingwood waterfront is frequented by swans. And what an amazing and romantic thing it would be to have swans set in the background of your wedding ceremony.

Natasha and Callan said that they invited the swans, but they hadn’t RSVP’d. So it was quite incredible to see them swimming around behind them as they said their I Dos.

These Moments Just Before Mary and Jordan’s I Do’s

These Best Men Being The Best Best Men There Ever Were

I remember watching The Wedding Planner and hearing Jennifer Lopez’s character say that, when everyone is looking the bride come down the aisle, she likes to look at the groom as he sees his bride for the firs time. Well, I’m going to take it a step further, and say that I love to see the look on the best man’s face. This guy spends months supporting his best friend in preparing for one of the biggest moments of his life, and the look on his face is always very telling. Like Brady here. He’s clearly excited for Steven.

These Ladies Showing Their Love

Like Jordan, Mary’s bridesmaids were emotional for the big day.

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These Moments With The Kids

James is one of the most charming little ring bearers I’ve ever worked with. He truly loves hanging with the big kids, and spent the day hopping between Mom, Dad, and other assorted family members and friends. I had a hoot photographing James, and catching these moments taking place through the ceremony.

Natasha and Callan had rain for their ceremony. We weren’t sure if it was going to come… so we stood outside waiting. Testing it. Daring it! But this little girl saw it coming before all of us!

Not to worry, though. While we waited for the delayed ceremony, the band moved inside and the kids had their own little dance party.

These Wedding Streaming Crashers

For family living at a distance, Natasha and Callan set up a phone on a tripod and streamed their ceremony. While we waited inside for the ceremony to get underway, these two trouble makers hijacked the feed, and called up the people watching the footage for a quick little chat!

And Finally, These Tears, Courtesy of Jordan

As I said, Jordan just couldn’t hold back all day. Here he is trying to recite his vows. Right at this moment, there was a significant pause as he gathered himself so he could recite his vows.

So long, 2018! It’s been a blast, and I’ve had a hoot working with so many couples this season. And I cannot wait for 2019!

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