Alexandria & Ian

Alex and Ian were one of those couples who randomly friended each other through mutual friends on Facebook. Alex says, “We had each other on Facebook for years and never really spoke until I went on a trip across Canada. He started to like all my pictures and eventually he messaged me… The rest is history.”

The Ceremony

Black Creek Pioneer Village is the site of many of Alex and Ian’s early dates. It’s one of their favourite places to visit. In fact, when I asked Alex and Ian the three things they like to do most together, they told me they love to loaf on the couch watching Netflix, explore the city together, and visit Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Family & Friends

Alexandria & Ian

Alex says the moment she first knew she was going to marry this goofball, she was taking a photo of Roblin’s Mill and watching Ian walk along, talking to her at an excited and rapid pace. So it made perfect sense to have their ceremony in a place that they fell in love.

Vaughan Wedding Photography

Alex and Ian’s was my second wedding at Black Creek Pioneer Village, and I love this place. Every nook and cranny is filled with beauty and inspiration, and I can’t wait to work there again. If you’re planning a wedding in the Vaughan area and are looking for your dream photographer, contact me an let’s chat about your plans. I might just be the right photographer for you.

Venue is Black Creek Pioneere Village