Caitlyn & Sean

This Bruce County wedding started with a group hug with their parents. Next there was the tree-planting ceremony for the family members who have passed. But what I remember most are the looks Sean gave Caitlyn while they recited their vows. His family remarked several times during their reception of the impact Caitlyn has had on his life. You can see, though, that he fully appreciates how she has changed his life. He is absolutely enamoured with his wife. You can see below in the way they touch each other and look at each other that these two have grown a true love. It warms the soul.

They held their rural wedding on the river that flows through their property. It was so romantic, highlighted by the sunset. They perfectly melded the natural landscape with a little bit of glitz. Caitlyn’s bouquet featured jewels and broaches given to her by her family and friends. It matched her lace gown perfectly, which was styled with a little big of extra shine.

Congratulations, Caitlyn and Sean! You absolutely deserve this spectacular wedding day.