Alliston wedding photography

Marsha + Martin

I met Marsha many moons ago. She was my hair stylist. And every time I would see her, she would talk about her boyfriend, Martin. She always lit right up when she talked about him. She talked about how patient he was, and how kind he was. And she would say, “When I get married, you’ll be my wedding photographer!” So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I answered the phone while on a camping trip this past summer and heard, “Sophie girl! It’s Marsha! I’m finally getting married. And I always told you that when I got married, you’d be my wedding photographer!”

I was so excited to see Marsha, let alone to photograph her wedding. And it was beautiful to hear her and Martin’s vows, and to watch all of their family and friends cry, and to see Marsha’s excitement vibrate through her and out of her in every direction.

Have a look and see what 15 years of love and patience looks like.

Gibson Centre Wedding Photography

Are you planning your wedding at the Gibson Centre for Community, Arts and Culture? You must be absolutely thrilled! I hope that these photos give you a lot of inspiration for your wedding. And if you love them, tap right here to reach out to me. I’m excited to chat with you about your wedding plans.

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