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Ashleigh + Cameron

Ashleigh and Cameron planned an intimate wedding in Ashleigh’s parents’ backyard. It made the most sense for them. Not only would they be travelling home from BC to get married, but they’re a pair who spends most of their time travelling together. So they wanted to really focus on their favourite people. And when they told me a bit more about themselves, it all became clear to me.

Ashleigh described the first time she knew she was in love with Cameron as being when they were out for coffee. “There was a woman outside struggling to get through the snow with her walker,” she said. “Cam jumped up and went outside to help her and it was so sweet. I realized how amazing of a person he was and probably fell a bit in love with him at that point. (Cam doesn’t remember this.)”

And their proposal was about as intimate as it comes… if complicated. Cameron had planned to take Ashleigh for a hike on one of their favourite trails. He even walked the trail and left a bouquet of flowers in a tree for their arrival. But when they got there, the flowers were gone. And then they ran into a bear. And shortly after that, Cameron got an emergency call and had to take off. As you can see, though, it all worked out!

Intimate Wedding Photography

Not every couple requires 6 to 12 hours of wedding photography. Ashleigh and Cameron are one of those couples. Their package included only 2 hours of photography because that was all they needed.

I create a custom wedding photography collection for each couple that I work with. And in our consultation, I ask all sorts of questions to find out how much time each couple requires. So if you are planning an intimate wedding, tap right here to book a consultation with me. I’ll build a custom package with your needs in mind.

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