Clare & Sammy, Pt 2

When I plan for a wedding day, I have an itinerary all ironed out in my mind. I know when the first look will happen, when we’ll need to leave to be early for the ceremony, and when everyone will need to be lining up to be announced into the ceremony. Sometimes some of those plans need to be adjusted last minute, but not often does the majority of the itinerary go flying right out the window. It did with Clare and Sammy, though.

The moment I walked into the living room, I knew our plan had changed as Sammy and Clare were already in the same room with each other. No first look needed! Which made for an excellent change of plans, because it was boiling hot on their wedding day. We proceeded with the family photos with hydration breaks between groups. It was easy. And the rest of their wedding day went on just like that… Easy.

They said their vows, they had their first kiss, and they played lawn games and danced at their own pace and often while holding a can of Bud Light. It was exactly what they wanted. An easy, relaxed day that they and their family and friends could enjoy. It was “More of a party than a wedding,” as Sammy had put it in our first consultation.

LGBT Wedding Photographer

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DJ: Sundance Disc Jockeys
Videography: Pic Productions