waterfront wedding photography

Michelle & Kyle

It takes a lot of courage to tie the knot. It takes conviction, commitment, and confidence in the knowledge that you will spend the rest of your life loving your spouse. When you make the decision to announce in front of all your closest family and friends that you love this person and that you will stick with them through every argument, every broken promise, and every trying illness, you are displaying all the fearlessness in the world.

But to do that in another country… To book your wedding venue sight-unseen, and to trust that all of the vendors you have retained will arrive on time and deliver the service you requested… To board a plane for a place a little off the beaten path where you’ve never been… That shows an incredible amount of bravery.

It’s not surprising of these two, though. Michelle and Kyle have travelled the world together. Not long after becoming an item they started driving head-first into exploring everything the natural world has to offer. So when it was time to make it official, they weren’t scared. When they were deciding when and where to host their wedding, it seemed perfectly natural to have it on the waterfront of Georgian Bay, a full 5,734km from their home in the UK. They did it all with nothing but the excitement in their hearts. And you’ll see it written all over their faces in the photos below.

The Ceremony

The Waterfront Creatives

The Sunset

Meaford Wedding Photographer

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Flowers and Decor by Art in Bloem
Catering by Culinary Designs
Venue is Serenity Cottage