Wedding Photography

Allyson & Keith's Cobble Beach Wedding

There couldn't have been a better day for Allyson and Keith's wedding. Their Cobble Beach wedding was just perfect! Check it out here.

Stefanie & Chris's Blue Mountain Wedding

It rained on Stef and Chris's wedding day, but it didn't matter. The ceremony went on despite it, and it was absolutely beautiful. Tap the picture to see their wedding from hair and makeup to the dance.

Shelly & Blake's Bohemian Wedding

I went to high school with Shelly and to college with Blake where they met. They were perfect for each other then, and while they are both very different people than they were 6 years ago they've grown even more perfect for each other. Check out their beautiful vintage wedding here.

Megan & Mike's Lora Bay Wedding

Remember Megan and Mike? I'll never forget them. Just look at her eyes as she walks down the aisle, and his as he takes his first look at his new wife. Even surrounded by 100 people these two can't help but proudly show it all over their faces.

Alicia & Brady

I can’t think of a better way to get married than among your favourite people in the world. That is exactly what Alicia and Brady did. Check out their wedding story on the blog.

I'll never Lego of you

You'll never guess who crashed Vicky and Niels's wedding! Check out this post to find out.

Monica & Brad's Wedding

Monica and Brad's wedding might have been my last of the season, but it certainly wasn't the least. They had a huge party at Lora Bay with 200-and-some guests.

Leanna & Paul

Leanna and Paul were married in an intimate ceremony on a rainy autumn afternoon in Southampton, Ontario. It was all about family that day, with a wedding party made up of siblings and siblings-in-law, and the ceremony lead by Leanna's brother. See their wedding story here!

I'll keep you warm

All this snow is making me nostalgic. For some, it's the snowsuits…