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Melissa & Zolt’s Wedding

Melissa and Zolt are from two very different, unsuspecting corners of the world. Zolt comes from Hungary, and Melissa from Kincardine. Yet, these two matched by chance when they could have just as easily “swiped left.”

I love sharing and reshaping this story. So here it is one more time… Melissa and Zolt’s story, told by Zolt!

We met online and I actually messaged Melissa first, but just enough to say hi. Oddly enough, I wasn’t even in the country when I did. Truthfully she said that was what peaked her interest, the fact that I was 3000+km away. I happened to be travelling and that became a talking point, and it eventually just got to the point where we were continuously messaging each other, and I was thinking more about back home than my trip.

Melissa was the one that actually asked me out. I think it got to the point that we were talking so much that she eventually asked, “are you going to ask me out or what?” If you know Melissa, she is very to the point. So I asked if she would like to have dinner and maybe we could see a movie. Oddly enough, that was really where things actually became memorable. We actually had a really nice dinner date and saw a movie. We both had a lot of fun, and on the drive back, I almost ran a red light because I was just a tad bit nervous a the time. I never actually got to kiss Melissa good night either, as she was so nervous she pretty much tucked and rolled out of the car before I could put it into park. Ultimately though, we did end up getting food poisoning, but in spite of that we did go on a second date and began spending most of our time off with each other.

If you believe in signs, you might think that food poisoning on the first date was a bad omen. But not for these two! These two bounced back from their literal knock-out first date, and tied the knot on September 1, 2018 at Walter’s falls!

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Featured Vendors

Ceremony Venue: The Falls Inn & Spa
Officiant: Crystal Morais
Makeup Artist: Stacey Nixon
Hair Stylist: Katrina Smiley
Florals: A & T Wedding & Floral Designs
Music & Entertainment: DJ Mastermix

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