Molly & James' Wedding

I get to share some spectacular memories with my clients, inside jokes, and lots of laughter. And I learn so much about them in a very short period of time. Take, for example, Molly and James’s Kincardine wedding. Check it out...

Molly & James' Engagement

There is one thing I can guarantee with July engagement sessions, and that is that I will sweat like a maniac. But the heat won't stop me from meeting up with couples like Molly and James for some romantic, whimsical photos. Because I love seeing the laughter and the love more than it bothers me to feel the sweat dripping down my face. Check out the amazing photos we got of Molly and James's engagement session here!

Brenna & Jordan's Engagement

My session with Brenna and Jordan was like one long, silent conversation. They said so much to each other and about themselves, but without using words. Check out their photos here!

I'll keep you warm

All this snow is making me nostalgic. For some, it's the snowsuits…

Karen & Chris's Wedding

Karen and Chris's wedding was a labour of love. They poured their…

Congratulations Karen & Chris

Karen and Chris were married on a rainy day in Bruce County,…

Congratulations Kristen & Matt

A winter wedding isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it made the most sense for Kristen and Matt. Why? Because celebrating with their family was important to them. So they chose to have their wedding over the Christmas holidays when the whole family would be together. Congratulations Kristen and Matt!

Karen & Chris's Engagement

Karen and Chris and myself met in a small Kincardine cafe on a hot summer afternoon. They told me about their life together and described the home they purchased together just outside of town. Read this to see their country home engagement photos!
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Jessie & Matt

Jessie and Matt's wedding was both English and French. It was both organic and engineered. Traditional and unconventional. Simply put it was a unique beach affair which they shared with close family and friends, and the general public enjoying the hot and sunny summer afternoon. Read this to see Jessie & Matt's beach wedding.