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Family is important. I know you know that much. And when your kids are grown and building their own families and homes it can seem like you can never get enough of them. That's why family photography like this is so important.

Herrington Family

Little Levi is quite the character! Check out his photos with his parents at the studio in Owen Sound. Click here!

The McKee Family

Let me tell you, working with 9 adults, 3 kids, and 2 dogs is a lot different than a small family. It can be chaotic and the time goes by quickly. But here's something you should note: there is 10x the laughter! Check out the McKees' family country photos here!

Lisa & Chris

Sometimes families aren't large. Sometimes they're small. But they're no less family, and so is the case for Lisa and Chris. They aren't at all lacking in the love department. Check out their family photos here!

Lang-Devitt Family

I don't know about you, but I find squishy cheeks and giggles…

Tricia & Greg

Ever wondered what your love looks like to the people around you? After 11 years Tricia and Greg now know. Check out their photos here.

Kelsey, Josh, and the Dogs

Before the snow started to fly (again) I had the chance to get outside with Kelsey, Josh, and their pups for a spring photo session. It was the furriest, muddiest, most slobbery spring session I've ever had. And I loved it! Check it out!

Twigger Winter Maternity

I love snowy photo shoots! Lucky for me Michelle and Joel are due in January and they wanted photos with Michelle's growing belly in the falling snow. Check it out here!

Fall Families

October has come to a close. I love October, and I'll miss it.…