Wedding Photography Guide for Brides
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About The Picture Perfect Guide

Hey there! I’m Sophia Lemon, and I photograph ridiculously happy people.

I am a soulpreneur, a softball player, and an avid tea drinker on a mission to help my clients bring more of what makes them ridiculously happy into their homes and daily lives. Along the way I’ve developed a number of tips and tricks to help my clients feel and look their best on camera and off, and that’s exactly why I designed this guide.

The Guide for Moms and The Guide for Brides are packed with the tips that I share with each of my clients to help them get picture perfect ready and feel confident for our time together.

I’ve even reached out to my industry professional friends like hair stylists, skin care specialists, and makeup artists to help you really get ready. Not only that, but I’ll send you regular emails of encouragement to help you dig deep and identify the moments in life that make you feel most happy and to destress about those that don’t.

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