Danielle & Stephen

Sophia was our wedding photographer 4 years ago now and she was….Amazing! Always punctual and able to control our crazy crowd of family and friends that she photographed. She has an ability to make you photograph beautifully no matter the situation. Since our wedding, she’s taken family photos, and most recently, boudoir maternity photos. Now there was a challenge! I asked her to give me 1 beautiful maternity photo despite feeling very not-beautiful with heartburn and swollen ankles etc. I thought she had her work cut out for her, but she somehow managed to give me 6 beautiful photos and make me have fun during the process! Thanks Sophia!!

A great photographer asks you how you see yourself, what makes you feel beautiful. She then pulls those things together with lighting and angles to create images that remind you why you’re proud to be you. This is what I work hard to do! Tap the button to contact me, and we’ll discover what will make you feel proud!