The Del Bel Belluzes

Follow this link to check out this high class family portrait session on Georgian Bay. This beautiful cottage made the perfect backdrop.
blue mountain engagement photography

Leigh & Kathryn, Pt 1

Kathryn and Leigh faught the mosquitos and won! Check out their beautiful engagement photos from Thornbury, Ontario right here! Tap on the photo.

Eagles Family

My favourite kind of people are silly! And the little Eagles are silly. Click here to check out their family photos. Take note of my favourite photo at the end!

Emily & Sean

Winter finally arrived, and you know how much I love winter portraits! Not only did I get my winter photo fix, but I put a good few hundred of my day's steps in photographing Emily and Sean all over Thornbury. Check it out!

Megan & Mike's Lora Bay Wedding

Remember Megan and Mike? I'll never forget them. Just look at her eyes as she walks down the aisle, and his as he takes his first look at his new wife. Even surrounded by 100 people these two can't help but proudly show it all over their faces.

Megan & Mike's Orchard Engagement

When we met Megan and Mike were so shy, except when they described…

Alicia & Brady (& Pahko)

I met Alicia, Brady, and Pahko on what must have been the hottest…

Everything I Pictured It To Be

Last week I had the distinct privilege to photograph the talented…